Supporting Autistic Girls and Gender Diverse Youth

"This is the book I wish I had, all those years ago. The guide I wish I could turn to, when I felt so alone, so lost, trying to understand this new world of autism we had suddenly landed in ..."

Katie Koullas, CEO, Yellow Ladybugs

Want to know how to better support autistic girls and gender diverse youth? This is an authentic resource for parents, teachers and allied health professionals written and illustrated by autistic women and gender diverse individuals. You will be given the inside scoop, through their intimate knowledge, recollections and advice from growing up autistic.

This book masterfully blends what you must know, what you need to know, and what you should know, all while gently walking you down the path towards a more neuro-affirming and inclusive approach to home and school life.

You will close the book with a clearer understanding of autistic identity and culture and how you can help shape a better future for the ladybug in your life. 


  • Ch 1: What’s the deal with autism?
  • Ch 2: Home life – PACE yourself
  • Ch 3: School – Beyond survival mode
  • Ch 4: Managing mental health
  • Ch 5: Relationships, gender and sexuality: The lowdown
  • Ch 6: Exploring and embracing autistic identity and culture

Full colour cover and interior
Foreword by Katie Koullas, CEO, Yellow Ladybugs
Written entirely by neurodivergent authors
Accessible format including dyslexia-friendly font, chapter summaries, subheadings, lists and informal text
Features the illustrations of Chenai Mupotsa-Russell (Rainbow Muse) and Em Hammond (Neurowild)
Includes seven interviews with Australian and international autistic advocates
Incorporates stories and quotations from parents and young people in our community