Go Yellow

'Go Yellow' is on 2nd April. 'Go Yellow' day raises awareness for females with Autism on World Autism Awareness Day.

Katie Koullas, Yellow Ladybugs founder, is the driving force behind the Go Yellow campaign. It aims to raise awareness about girls and women with Autism, break stereotypes and educate the community about the different ways females present with autism compared to males. Katie says of the Go Yellow colour choice "We have chosen a gender neutral colour and hope that this can highlight the misconception that Autism is a 'boy condition' "

Many people still have the misconception that Autism predominantly affects males. Researchers are finally highlighting the differences between males and females and why females commonly go under the radar or are diagnosed much later in life.

Penny Robinson, Yellow Ladybugs and I CAN Network Ambassador, says "When I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in Year 9, over 18 years ago, I didn't meet anyone like me - female or male - until almost 5 years later, when I started uni.".

This April 2nd, wear yellow, change your social media page to yellow or use the campaign hashtags #goyellow #goyellowau.

For more information please contact Katie on 0401 033 187, or email info@yellowladybugs.com.au.

Go Yellow Poster

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