Go Yellow

"Go Yellow" is an autistic led initiative launched by Yellow Ladybugs to reclaim World Autism Acceptance Day on April 2nd.

Join us in amplifying autistic voices, in particular shining a light on the internalised presentation often experienced by autistic girls, women and gender diverse individuals - who are often misunderstood, misdiagnosed or missed all together.

#GoYellow has people pledging to change their socials to yellow or to wear yellow on April 2nd. Previously, some Iconic Australian landmarks that participated in #GoYellow included the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, The Bolte Bridge and The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra.

Why Go Yellow?

  • Advocacy: We continue on with our advocacy mission. Recently we were invited to give evidence at the hearings for the Senate Committee Inquiry into Autism. We spoke strongly and passionately about the importance of putting autistic voices and experiences at the center of this Inquiry, and also responded in detail to questions about the poor mental health outcomes for autistic girls, women and gender diverse individuals, and about why autistic girls and women are still struggling to access diagnosis. We have welcomed the recommendations made by Royal Commission into Mental Health Victoria, and are currently to working behind the scenes with our submission partners, Amaze, Difference Journeys, among others, to advocate for strong and ongoing autistic input into the policy development and implementation of the recommendations.
  • Events: Our events team continues to deliver both Face-2-Face events and online events throughout our regions. We are constantly learning and evolving and doing our best to reach as many Yellow Ladybugs as we can through events, workshops and online support groups. We pride ourselves on being autistic led and building a community where autistic elders with vast lived experience, peers, allies and families can come together to share information and build community connection.
  • Yellow Ladybugs HQ: Since 2016 we have had a clear vision of establishing a Yellow Ladybugs HQ for our community. Thanks to funding from our members, corporate sponsors and a government grant we are thrilled to announce we have secured an office and will be opening our doors in April 2021. The office is located in Moonee Ponds and will be home to our staff, volunteers and even used for training and events!

A number of Autistic Australians have thrown their support behind the campaign including award-winning comedian, Hannah Gadsby. β€œIn the same way that narrative is changed for any minority - we need to speak for ourselves.”

Journalist and screenwriter Clem Bastow points to the importance of centering Autistic voices on April 2nd. "It's heartening to see more and more Autistic women and gender diverse people sharing their stories with the world. Movements like Go Yellow play a big role in elevating the voices of Autistic people, which is so important when it comes to the conversation surrounding Autism. Go Yellow is a tangible way for the community to demonstrate their support and acceptance."

Shadia Hancock, autistic advocate and Yellow Ladybugs ally explains, #GoYellow encourages the general public to move beyond 'awareness raising' and to engage more deeply with the experiences of their Autistic friends, family members and colleagues. "Go Yellow is important to me as it represents love, acceptance and hope. It gives us a tribe and a place to be ourselves. I wish for Awareness to transcend to Acceptance during April!

How can you support us on Go Yellow Day?

  • Change your socials to yellow
  • Or purchase some of our merchandise to show your support www.yellowladybugs.com.au/merchandise
  • Host a fundraising tea party! Get some friends, family and colleagues together for a tea party, and ask for a yellow coin donation. Posters can be found below. You can also donate funds raised here.

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