About us

Who We Are

We are an Australian charity with a global reach, run by and for autistic girls, women, and gender-diverse folks, and their families.

Our team, though small, is mighty and almost entirely autistic-led. We champion the principle of 'nothing about us without us', ensuring our work is always guided by and for our community.

With strong, respected links to the autistic community, we are dedicated to making a tangible, positive impact on the lives we touch.

In our journey, we also collaborate closely with parents, carers, educators, government bodies, and allies.

We are known and trusted in our community because of our strong values, balanced yet brave approach and commitment to always evolving.

Our vision

We envision a world where we are recognised, supported and valued as our authentic and unmasked selves. Our vision is a world that acknowledges and addresses the unique needs of our often-overlooked community. We strive for a society that not only accepts, but celebrates neurodiversity, offering tailored support and opportunities for us to thrive in safe, inclusive environments. In this future, our rights and dignity are at the forefront, ensuring we are no longer unseen but integral, thriving, respected members of the community.

We see a world where the current and future generations of autistic girls, women, and gender-diverse folks are living their best lives.

Our purpose

We want to build a more inclusive world for autistic women, girls and gender diverse folks through exceptional projects, training, events, education and advocacy.

We are guided by our lived experiences and a commitment to neuro-affirming and trauma-informed principals.

We strive to always give a platform to, and shine a light on the vast experiences of our community, with a particular focus on the internalised autistic experience.

We hope to continue making meaningful change across policy, perceptions and people’s lives.

Our story

Katie, Yellow Ladybugs’ Founder, turned her daughter’s exclusion from a birthday party into a catalyst for change, and hope. Fuelled by a desire for inclusivity and the belief that every girl deserves friendship, she created a space for autistic girls to thrive as themselves; no masking, no expectations, just a place to be their true selves. ‘Yellow Ladybugs’ has grown and evolved and signifies the uniqueness and beauty of neurodivergence and neurodiversity, a symbol of change, celebration, support and belonging.

Our ambassadors

We are proud to have a number of autistic Australians who have thrown their support behind Yellow Ladybugs. Learn more about our Ambassadors

Our conference

Our three-day event is for autistic people, their families, educators, allied health professionals and anyone who wants to better understand autistic lived experience. Learn more about our Conference


On 2 April every year, the world goes yellow. #GoYellow lights up landmarks, changes colours on socials, and invites people to wear yellow and join an event to celebrate autistic girls, women and gender diverse individuals. Learn more about our #GoYellow

Our HQ

Since 2021 the Yellow Ladybugs office has been located in Moonee Ponds and is home to our staff, volunteers and used for training and events.