Yellow Ladybugs runs regular informal social events that offer peer-to-peer connections for autistic girls and gender diverse young people, generally between the ages of five and sixteen. Our events bring our members together in an inclusive, fun and sensory-friendly setting.

We aim to provide a variety of events, large family-sized, small age restricted, events for sensory-seekers/sensory-avoiders, and aim to cover a range of interest areas such as the arts, sports, entertainment/leisure/rest, animals and more.

With our small team and budget, we do our best to provide events where we can in-person and offer a calendar of online events for those outside of the major capital cities in Australia.

Underpinning every Yellow Ladybugs event, our mission is to foster a sense of belonging, to help our autistic members connect with their peers, and to instil a sense of autistic pride within our community.

Outside of our social events, we also provide a number of events for adults including educational panel and professional development discussions, plus our annual conference which draws over 3000 attendees each year, across Australia and round the globe. For more information, visit the Conference section.